CTE Diagnosed In Action Sports Star Dave Mirra

Months after committing suicide, Dave Mirra has become the first action sports athlete to be diagnosed with CTE by Robert Silverman, vocativ.com (May 24, 2016) — After BMX biking legend Dave Mirra committed suicide on February 4 of this year, his wife had his brain tested for chronic traumatic encephalopathy. Sadly, the result came back […]

Veterans Get Mental Health Services They Deserve at Cohen Clinic

The Cohen family partners with USC to serve families in Los Angeles. by Lynn Lipinski, tfm.USC.edu (Autumn 2016) — PEACE AFTER WAR can be elusive for combat veterans who fight painful memories long after they’ve left the battlefield. Of the more than 2.6 million men and women who have served in the U.S. military since […]

Henderson veteran, service dog sharing message about brain injury, PTSD

By John Prybys, LAS VEGAS REVIEW-JOURNAL (August 22, 2016) — Randy Dexter and Captain are more than just dog owner and dog. That’s obvious from the way Captain looks for Dexter whenever the Army veteran leaves the room, and the way the Lab mix’s demeanor slips instantly from playful to dead serious once he’s wearing […]

FDA Approves First Cognitive Screening Test For Head Injury Patients

By Alyssa Navarro, Tech Times (August 23, 2016) — Federal health regulators in the United States approved on Monday the use of two new computer softwares as cognitive screening tests for traumatic head injury patients. Known as ImPACT or the Immediate Post-Concussion Assessment and Cognitive Testing (ImPACT), the new testing device, as well as a […]

Brain cells restored by stem cell therapy following stroke, neurological diseases

When a person has a stroke, blood flow to the brain is interrupted, causing brain cells to die within minutes due to lack of oxygen. In some cases, this can result in paralysis, speech and language problems, vision problems, and memory loss. But in a new study, researchers have shown that stem cell therapy increases […]

Concussion Rates Rising Significantly in Adolescents

UCSF Researchers Advocate Prioritizing Teens for Education and Prevention by Scott Maier (August 17, 2016) — The number of Americans diagnosed with concussions is growing, most significantly in adolescents, according to researchers at UC San Francisco. They recommend that adolescents be prioritized for ongoing work in concussion education, diagnosis, treatment and prevention. The findings appear […]

Mensa Education and Research Foundation Celebrates SDBIF

Award recognizes outstanding work in the area of human intelligence ARLINGTON, TEXAS (July 5, 2016) — The Mensa Foundation presented its Laura Joyner Award to the San Diego Brain Injury Foundation for their work in improving the quality of life for brain injury survivors and their families living in San Diego County. The award was […]

A NASCAR great battling dementia pledges brain donation

LOUDON, N.H. (AP), (July 16, 2016) – He was one of NASCAR’s first superstars, but Fred Lorenzen’s memories of his Hall of Fame career have dimmed as he battles dementia. His Daytona 500 victory, the wins he piled up to become NASCAR’s first $100,000 driver, his life on the road, all have been largely extinguished. […]

Are kids getting more concussions than we realize?

By Nadia Kounang, CNN – Every year, almost half a million (PDF) children across the United States visit emergency rooms for concussions. But recent studies find that number may undercount just how many kids really have concussions. In fact, a study published in the June 20 edition of the journal Pediatrics estimates that the number […]

What to do when kids, teens suffer concussion from sports and recreational activities

Rachel Ranosam, Tech Times (June 21, 2016) – A little rough-and-tumble action while playing in school or at the playground may seem part of everyday life for kids. What many parents may not realize is how often children’s games become a cause of head injury. Each year, there are more than 44 million kids who […]

UC Tackles Concussions

A few decades ago, when a football player got his “bell rung” with a hard hit to the head, he would shake it off, take smelling salts and return to the game. Alec Rosenberg, UC Newsroom (October 15, 2015) — Times have changed. The University of Michigan faced outrage last year for allowing a quarterback […]

NIH invests $85 million for BRAIN Initiative research

New round of projects for visualizing the brain in action. NIH.gov (October 1, 2015) — The National Institutes of Health announced its second wave of grants to support the goals of the Brain Research through Advancing Innovative Neurotechnologies (BRAIN) Initiative, bringing the NIH investment to $85 million in fiscal year 2015. Sixty-seven new awards, totaling […]

The Art of War: Engineering Protective Gear for 21st Century Soldiers

With two major grants from the U.S. Department of Defense, NJIT will help meet this challenge by investigating the effects of shock waves on the brain in order to design and test helmets that can withstand the penetrating blasts from weapons such as improvised explosive devices (IEDs). Newark, NJ (August 28, 2015) — Battle-inflicted head […]

2013 crash cost Dario Franchitti more than his racing career

Curt Cavin, curt.cavin@indystar.com Five specific weeks of Dario Franchitti’s memory are lost. Words he tries to fetch sometimes don’t come. He draws blanks on the names of people he surely knows, and even some of their faces aren’t as recognizable as they once were. The losses are lingering effects from the multiple head injuries Franchitti […]

March marks Brain Injury Awareness Month

Award recognizes outstanding work in the area of human intelligence Karen S. Guice, M.D., M.P.P., Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Health Affairs WASHINGTON (AFNS) (March 11, 2015) — Often called one of the “invisible wounds of war,” traumatic brain injury (TBI) is the result of a blow or jolt to the head that […]