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Southern Caregiver Resource Center

Caregiver Support Group, facilitated by Michelle Schachtel, IMFT

First Thursday of each month, 10:00-11:30 am
Holiday Inn Oceanside
1401 Carmelo Dr.
Oceanside, CA 92054

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Below are quotes from students that have worked with or participated in the San Diego Brain Injury Foundation’s programs.


The San Diego Brain Injury Foundation has changed my life. The organization has inspired me to pursue a career in clinical rehabilitation, so I can further help those who have helped me. I have met so many wonderful survivors throughout my three years that motivate me everyday to persevere through life’s daily obstacles. Thank you for the continued inspiration!



I heard about San Diego Brain Injury Foundation while in a vocational rehabilitation master’s program, and I am so glad I did. I started as a volunteer, and transitioned into a role as an intern and now as a board member. It is one of the few organizations out there that has survivors of brain injuries that have vital roles and responsibilities laced through every layer of its infrastructure. It empowers survivors to lead support groups, and meetings, as well as large community events. I have never seen so many people that were so inspiring, motivated and positive. SDBIF allows survivors to give and receive support to and from one another.

Survivors are encouraged here to set any goal, and teammates collaborate with them to make a plan to achieve those goals. I grew up with family members who had brain injuries as children and later in life as adults. If an organization like this was in their local communities, things could have played out differently. Also, from a non-survivor perspective, I’ve had the opportunity to create employment and educational plans with survivors, and really work with them as teammates to help them reach their goals. No other organization in the area provides this level of interaction between board members, survivors, family members, and interns as a whole.

Being a part of the SDBIF has changed my life and will do so for years to come. I am forever in debt for this great opportunity to grow, learn, and be inspired by people who have overcome obstacles that seemed impossible at times.



As a brain injury survivor, I have enjoyed working with other survivors, and learning more about brain injury in general. I am a full time graduate student with SDSU’s rehabilitation counseling program, my experience as an intern has been invaluable with San Diego Brain Injury Foundation.

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