Know someone or are you suffering from a concussion?

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Concussions: Informational Resources

  • Beyond Concussion,
    www.beyondconcussion.org, 858-707-5991
  • CDC Concussion in Sports Resource Center
  • CDC Heads Up to Parents
  • CDC Heads Up to Coaches
  • CDC Heads Up to Schools
  • CDC Heads Up to Health Care Providers
  • CDC Heads Up: Concussion in Youth Sports
  • CDC Heads Up: Concussion in High School Sports
  • CDC Sports Concussion Fact Sheet for Parents
    Parents’ Fact Sheet (pdf 59 KB)
  • CDC Sports Concussion Information for Parents/Athletes
    Parent/Athlete Fact Sheet (pdf 175 KB)
  • CDC Sports Concussion Information for Student-Athletes
    Middle School Student Fact Sheet (pdf 53 KB)
    High School Student Fact Sheet (pdf 53 KB)
  • CDC Sports Concussion Information for Coaches
    Coaches’ Fact Sheet (pdf 259 KB)
  • CDC Sports Concussion Information for School Professionals
    School Professionals’ Fact Sheet (pdf 259 KB)
  • American College of Sports Medicine: Concussions in Sports
    Introduction to Concussions (pdf 395 KB)

    Concussion Videos — Childern in Sports

    Alex’s Helmet Safety Project

    Concussion: Don’t Hide It, Report It, Take Time to Recover

    Concussions in Lacrosse: Signs, Symptoms & Playing It Safe

    Keeping Quiet Can Keep You Out of the Game

    Luc Mbah a Moute’s Concussion Story

    Kurt Warner’s Concussion Story

    Concussions in Sports: Sydney’s Story

    Impact: Concussion & Sports

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