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Journey Towards Recovery – A Brain Injury Guide for Families

This guide has been written for anyone who has been touched by brain injury, whether mild or severe, family or friend. It is the goal of this guide to provide survivors, caregivers and loved ones with step-by-step tools they need to travel the incredible journey of recovery. This guide is not meant to be read at one sitting. We hope you will find the information you need at the time in which you need it.

People like you—including brain injury survivors, their families, caregivers and medical experts—have provided useful information for someone taking the journey alongside a brain injury survivor. The guide has been designed to assist you from the moment you hear the “news” through all the stages of recovery. We hope this guide can be your one source, freeing you from sifting through dozens of pamphlets, leaflets and books to get the information you need.

We also want to help you with issues that can arise after survivors are considered “recovered” by their doctors. The survivor may still struggle with a new way of life, a new sense of identity, changed relationships, job placement, daily tasks, and emotions. These issues can affect caregivers and loved ones as well.

One of the most significant factors contributing to a survivor’s recovery from brain injury is the involvement and support by the family. Though difficult, the journey can bring families together and help us appreciate what’s important in life. Survivors not only need to receive support from their caregivers and loved ones, but also they need to support others.

This reciprocal relationship will serve to strengthen the resolve of anyone touched by brain injury.
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