2018 SDBIF surviveHEADSTRONG – Walk for Recovery

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2018 surviveHEADSTRONG
Walk for Brain Injury Recovery

On March 10, 2018 at Mission Bay Park – De Anza Cove

Be a part of the largest gathering of the San Diego Brain Injury community at the 2018 SDBIF
surviveHEADSTRONG – Walk for Brain Injury Recovery!

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Every year SDBIF hosts the largest gathering and celebration of brain injury survivors in San Diego. With surivors, family, friends, caregivers and professionals all in attendance, we join together to honor the strength, effort and courage it takes to overcome the challenges of brain injuries; as well as celebrate and inspire those who are on their journey towards recovery.

Join SDBIF and make our 11th Annual walk the largest celebration yet!



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