Roslyn Knox, Ph.D., MBA

SDBIF Executive Director Roslyn Knox

Roslyn Knox, Ph.D., MBA

Executive Director

Dr. Knox joined the San Diego Brain Injury Foundation to help brain injury survivors, their families and caregivers that have been traumatized via acquired and traumatic brain injuries to recover as they re-set the trajectory of their lives and work to live a vital, whole life. She is determined to help survivors improve their quality of life through a network of community members committed to join together offering their support, service, and expertise.

Dr. Knox has a diverse, array of experience in management and leadership. She has spent the last 25 years developing and administering programs, conducting research, and building networks that improve the lives of underrepresented and underserved populations. She brings to SDBIF 10 years as an Executive Director in community and economic development, 12 years in university higher education serving various Leadership Roles in program administration, teaching, finance, training, community engagement, and research. Dr. Knox’s career also includes 2 years public health administration in State Government as a Deputy Bureau Director, and 2 years as a Certified Professional Coach helping women and girls that have been egregiously affected by trauma or tragedy shift their mindset to achieve life and career goals.

Dr. Knox has first-hand experience of surviving traumatic injury affecting her life and injury of close family members. Her successful years long journey of re-building and re-directing the trajectory of her life lit an inextinguishable fire in her spirit to use all her knowledge, experience, skills, and education to help survivors and their families recover from their lives being interrupted by trauma. She is excited and grateful to work with the brain injury community to be a part of the work to support survivors succeed in the reclamation of their lives.

Two of Dr. Knox’s dreams have come true. First, after her divorce, she became a single mother of 2 beautiful toddler daughters who have grown to become extraordinary people, graduated college with 4 university degrees between them, and began successful careers. Second, to have the opportunity to spend the last 25 years and counting helping people improve their quality of life.

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