Patty Ornelas

SDBIF Patty Ornelas

Patty Ornelas

Program Coordinator & Community Liaison

Patty Ornelas was born and raised in San Diego County. She earned her bachelor’s degree in Sociology, and a Trauma in Force Certification. She is dedicated to helping those in our community who need extra support. The past several years, she has worked and volunteered in the Social Services field, including working with homeless, foster care, and domestic violence populations. She is dedicated to use her experience to help advocate for resources and educate the public to increase awareness of these communities in need.

In her own words, “I’m really excited to be a part of SDBIF because I’m helping spread awareness and educating so many people about the needs of brain injury survivors. Even better, I have been able to help many survivors and their families through SDBIF’s free-of-charge services. To be a part of a group that helps change lives and provides support when people feel like they have no idea what to do next is incredibly rewarding.”

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