Angela Pennella

Angela Pennella

Board Member

Angela Pennella is a “Hope Angel” and TBI survivor of a nearly-fatal car accident. In 2002, a reckless driver hit Angela head-on in a serious car accident that left Angela fighting for her life. Somehow she found the strength and determination to work through the recovery process, and found her way back to creating a successful career. But she knew how fragile life was and felt that she was meant for a different purpose. So she decided to use the wisdom she gained from her accident to help people across the country overcome challenges in their lives.

When she is isn’t helping families buy and sell real estate, she is continuously learning ways to improve her own brain function. From the moment her life was almost taken from her, she started recovering and had a mindset shift to “what am I going to do about this now.” She has built strong habits in mindset training, neuro-nutrition, meditation, and exercising, all to improve her brain functioning.

Today, Angela is an inspiring speaker/writer, Strength Coach for the Mind, Certified Life Coach and creator of the ACHIEVER SYNDROME®, who shares her personal story and experiences to educate, inspire, bring awareness, and hope to the brain injury community and their families. Her “don’t stop believing” attitude has touched many lives, and it is her passion to provide hope to help reframe the mindset of those who have survived.

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