Did you know that every year brain injury affects over 11,000 people in San Diego alone!

The SDBIF annual membership drive plays a vital role in continuing to provide the necessary support
and resources to brain injury survivors, and their family and friends.

Your membership donation provides more than the necessary funding for SDBIF programs such as
our monthly meetings, educational scholarships, support groups, and educational resources…
it also shows your support of all the San Diegans who are on their journey to recovery!

SDBIF Now Offers 2 Annual Membership Options


Monthly Recurring Donations

Annual Membership Pledge

One-time Membership Donation

This is our monthly recurring donation membership that can be as little or as much as you want to spend a month. Instead of the larger one-time annual membership, you can be charged smaller amounts per month. Every little bit helps!
Your donations to SDBIF allow us to continue to provide the services and resources to help brain injury survivors on their journey to recovery. Think of it…instead of spending $5 on one venti coffee, you could be helping SDBIF by donating that each month. That $5 could help provide the necessary resources to San Diego brain injury survivors and their family and friends.
1 venti coffee/month = Life changing resources
This is the standard one-time annual donation to be an SDBIF member. This option allows you to pay only one time per year, rather than having payments throughout the year.
Your membership goes to providing support and helpful resources to brain injury survivors and their friends/family. It starts at $30 per month for survivors and $50 for professionals and families. If you would like to donate more, by all means, that will do so much more to help us accomplish our foundation’s mission:
“To improve the quality of life for brain injury survivors and their families in San Diego County”.
Thank you from the San Diego Brain Injury Foundation and all the local San Diego survivors for your membership donation!

Serving the Brain Injury Community for 30+ years