• Stephanie Bidegain

    CFO and VP, Outreach & Communications

    Stephanie Bidegain is currently the CFO and VP of Outreach and Communication for the San Diego Brain Injury Foundation. She began her work with the Foundation in 2001 and continues to enjoy being able...

  • Kurt Buske

    Executive Director

    Kurt is the Executive Director of SDBIF. With his extensive experience in the non-profit arena, he brings a passion and dedication to the SDBIF mission. Read more...

  • Flo Crenshaw

    Howard House Administrator

    More information about Flo Crenshaw, Howard House Administrator, coming soon…

  • Rachel Speir

    Marketing Director

    Rachel Speir Marqueting continues to grow our breadth and depth to fulfill the needs of all of our clients. Through photography, videography, web design and management, ad creation, brand creation, market strategy, press releases,...

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