2021 SDBIF surviveHEADSTRONG – for Brain Injury Recovery

  • March 20, 2021 at 9:00 AM
  • Open
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Saturday, March 20, 2021
Virtual Celebration on Zoom!!!

To keep everyone safe, walk individually or with small teams anytime before March 20, take selfies/videos and share your experience with SDBIF (email your photos/videos to info@sdbif.org). Then login to the SDBIF Zoom event at 9 AM on Saturday, March 20 for the online celebration of brain injury recovery!


Here is how this “Virtual” surviveHEADSTRONG will work:

  1. Register on the SDBIF Classy page (like usual) by February 19 to be guaranteed an event shirt
  2. Share your Fundraising page with friends & family to raise funds for our brain injury community
  3. The first week of March we will ship out registration kits (t-shirts, number cards & other collateral)
  4. After you get your registration kit, host your own personal event anytime before March 19
  5. During your personal surviveHEADSTRONG event, take selfies or short 15 second (max) cellphone videos…make it as cool and special as you can!
  6. Send your videos and/or selfies to info@SDBIF.org by March 19
  7. Tune into the SDBIF Zoom Event on Saturday, March 20, at 9 am to see the surviveHEADSTRONG Event Broadcast where you can celebrate with your friends and see your event’s video/photo!
  8. The online broadcast will honor those affected by brain injury and celebrate the incredible journeys to recovery from brain injury
  9. Celebrate online with us! We will hear from our sponsors, share our walk videos and enjoy a raffle with awesome prizes!

Watch this video to get an idea of how surviveHEADSTRONG—Virtual will work:

Our sponsors mean everything—Thank you!


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